About Us

The Problem 

The problem is time, complexity, and details. Your property has just suffered a major loss. You need to concentrate on keeping things afloat while all the details are sorted out.


The Solution

We are adjusters who work exclusively for the policyholder, not the insurance company. Continental Adjusters is hired to protect your interests by making a comprehensive assessment of your damages and giving you a maximum settlement in an expeditious manner. You need someone on your side presenting a detailed estimate to gain the fair and equitable settlement you deserve.

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Plan of Action

1.   Address your questions and concerns regarding your loss
2.   Prioritize your immediate needs; housing, security and protection from liability
3.   Establish a professional line of communication with the insurance company’s representative
4.   Examine your policy to analyze any coverage questions
5.   Meet with the insurance company’s adjuster to establish an agreed scope of damage
6.   Prepare an independent estimate
7.   Gather documentation and prepare all property inventories
8.   Prepare business interruption, loss of rents and additional living expenses
9.   Present insurance claims package to the adjuster in a familiar format
10. Maximize your interests and settle the claim