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When should I contact Continental Adjusters to get involved with my claim?
We have found over the years that the earlier we get involved the better the end solution for you the insured. Many decisions are made very early in the process that affect the outcome of your claim. We prefer to be called before the insurance company has inspected the property.
Doesn't the insurance company have my best interests at heart since I have paid premiums for years without a claim?
To some degree the basic answer is yes, but at the time of your claim the insurance company now has two groups to answer to. First, they have you the insured that they have enjoyed collecting premiums from and now second the claims department is involved to pay you some portion of your claim; it's just business for them. With Continental Adjusters we only work for you, we benefit only after you do.
Why not just handle the claim myself?
You could, but let me ask you a couple of questions. How familiar are you with the current claims process? Do you understand the language of your policy? The insurance company has trained personnel representing their interest, are you comparatively trained to handle the claim yourself? Continental Adjusters is highly knowledgeable and well trained to handle your claim for maximum settlement. We understand and look at the whole process of your claim.
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Collapsed building from high winds.
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